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Geneviève Rioux is an outstanding special education technician and communicator with a solid background with youth and Aboriginal clients. She has been president of the FFARIQ for more than four years and has been involved with the organisation since 2014.

Beyond her professional experiences, Ms. Rioux is a woman of heart and action. As a foster family herself, she has developed expertise with children, their needs and realities, such as services rendered by the DPJ. Welcoming children for 16 years, she understands the daily life, the involvement and commitment necessary to open her heart and her home.

Her family nest is made up of ten children, seven of whom she welcomes as a foster family. Her daily life and household are full of energy. Of her ten children, seven children are from the care of the DPJ. 


Joseph has expertise in a number of developmental aspects falling in the fields of social work and Education. As a social worker, he is self-driven with a wide range of skills in working with developing communities.

He has for the last 14 years been a practicing teacher/trainer and a social worker specializing in children welfare. Premised on the above, his education, training and work experience has enabled him to qualitatively give technical support to different child welfare organisations in and outside Uganda on especially the development of best practices of Alternative care for children, with a special focus on Community based Foster care.

This has eventually enabled him to competently offer consultancy services to different child protection based organisations in Uganda.


Mattie Khoory has been working with MCT/FAPE in Morocco since 2018. After receiving her MSc. from the University of Edinburgh, Mattie started working with both organisations to implement the first government-approved foster care programme in the country.

Mattie has additional experience implementing a programme aimed at supporting young people living in institutions who are preparing to leave care. Furthermore, Mattie’s expertise in implementing and adapting social work best practice to the Moroccan context has allowed her to support MCT/FAPE in their greater advocacy efforts at a national level, targeting institutional reform for an integrated child protection system.



An ex coal miner who somehow finished up with a career in social work. Worked for a large UK NGO before moving to Local Government where I worked for 30 years as a Child Protection SW, Adoption and Foster Care SW and Kinship Care.

In 2002 Founded UK Registered Charity SFAC – Strengthening Families And Children with the aim of advocating and training organisations overseas understand the need for family Care programmes for vulnerable children, what they looked like and how to build them.

To date we have worked in over 40 countries with hundreds of organisations. In 2017 I authored a book entitled – Children belong in families, available from 


Ainara Aparici is a filmmaker, activist and Director of Kumelen Foundation, a cultural organization that develops positive arts, films, series and talks that inspire social transformation.

The story of an extraordinary foster family in Costa Rica that became her next documentary “130 Children”, inspired her to create and lead the first national and citizen campaign about foster families in Chile with great success and experiences.